This quote sums up precisely how most mums feel.  The balance between the pleasure of being a mother combined with the exhaustion that comes with the job is perfectly summed up in this simple quote from the American actress and comedienne.

It’s a club that you are now a member of, adding to the human race, experiencing the wonder of pregnancy and giving birth is enough to make anyone smile (and feel a little bit smug).

The love that you feel when you have a child is only equalled by the love that every child has for its mother. Now you are a mother you can understand what Robert Browning meant.


Every mother will relate to the fact they are a lot stronger and more resilient than they realised they were before they became a mother.

Whether it’s a teething baby or a child that has fallen and hurt itself, it is the nurturing cuddle of their mother that they turn to whenever possible.

A well pointed out mystery this one, we would have thought a minimum of six hands would have developed by now.

We always thought this was a strange expression as we all know babies don’t sleep (well it doesn’t seem like it)

Let’s face it, they decide what time we get up, what time we go to bed, what time we can sit down to dinner and when we can have a shower.

There is only one perfect baby and every grandmother has one. Someone must see all the good things about babies and a grandma is the perfect candidate.

We all know this feeling we have just sat down with a cup of tea and a biscuit to catch up on Facebook or to watch a bit of daytime TV and …….”Muuuuummm”



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