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Autumn is coming and for many the season will be welcomed with open arms. It’s been a delightful summer, but there were times when the sun beat down a little too brightly. Taking extra care to cover up from the strong sun was a priority, especially for little ones with their delicate skin.

Each outfit was completed with children’s hats to help reduce the risk of sun damage and heat stroke. Now it’s almost time to put away the sun hats and start preparing for the cooler weather. Yup, that’s right folks, autumn is on the way! 

What all the Kids are Wearing

The trends in children’s clothing this year are full of the classic looks that everyone adores during autumn. Expect to see plenty of beautiful floral prints, especially on dresses, tunics and tops with balloon sleeves and classic cuts. Pair these florals with some denim, perhaps an essential denim jacket, some cable tights and boots and a knitted girls hat to complete the look.  

Autumn is the time to go and jump in puddles and have adventurous nature walks collecting different coloured leaves and conkers. Children’s clothing needs to be warm but breathable and have space for your little one to move around with ease. Layering is always a good idea as a sunny day can quickly turn to a cold and almost wintery one as quickly as you can say, “get your shoes on, we’re heading out!”

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Kids

There’s no need to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe, you can create several stylish and comfortable looks for your little ones by picking out a few staple pieces. However, there are a few pieces of children’s clothing that really are essential for autumn weather. Keep laundry piles to a minimum with these capsule wardrobe must haves for boys and girls in 2018. 

Embrace the Florals

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Floral is going to be big this autumn as it was seen all over the catwalks, matching clashing prints was also popular. The easiest way to wear florals is with patterned tops or t-shirts. Choose tops that are made from organic cotton if possible, it’s a great material that allows the skin to breathe. Some of the most popular styles to look out for this autumn include long sleeve blouses and tunics with balloon sleeves.

Complete the look with newborn hats, like gorgeous cloud pilot hats, available in several colours so you can find the perfect one for your child. The subtle print of a clouds pilot hat works with the idea of matching prints – and it suits the autumn weather perfectly! You can often find cotton hats available in gift-sets, along with matching bibs and mittens, perfect for newborn baby showers.

A Must Have Jacket to Keep the Chill Away

The denim jacket is once again proving to be a must have item this season. Denim jackets always look stylish, but you can add some extra fun by upscaling yours using pins and badges. Kids love to customise their clothes, and this is a great way of helping them to express their own personalities.

The denim jacket is perfect for the end of summer and autumn days, before the really cold weather arrives. Lengthen the weeks you can wear the denim jacket by adding a gilet when the temperatures really drop.

Bring Out the Boots

Sandals and flip flops have their charm, but there’s something about wearing a quality pair of boots that feels comfortable and cosy. Have the feet measured to get the perfect fit and ensure the feet are perfectly protected for the weeks and months ahead. The weather is likely to get a little frosty and perhaps even icy before we know it, so it’s sensible to look for anti-slip soles. Choose a style with plenty of grip to help prevent slips and falls. Both ankle height and just below the knee are always popular for autumn and 2018 is no different.

Brown and black boots are a great addition, but you can afford to go a bit crazy with colour when it comes to footwear. Complete the look with some cargo pants, comfortable fit jeggings or a pair of jeans and start counting down to Halloween in style.

Hats and Scarfs

Any outfit can be prepped for autumn by adding a couple of the most essential autumn pieces for any wardrobe – the hat and the scarf. Gloves are worth considering but they won’t really be needed until the very end of the season. Hats and scarves are perfect for the whole season. Pick up a few different colours to match with all possible outfits. Remember to go for a plain and subtle option if you have children starting nursery school this September.

This is because many now have strict rules regarding patterns and colours. Read through the nursery or school’s uniform list to avoid any misunderstandings in the playground. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for something more fun for after school and weekends!

When it comes to girls hats and scarves, you can’t go wrong with a knitted matching set! Pick a baby hat with a cute design. You can even choose some that are made to look like animals, like cats and dogs. They feature the sweetest little kitten ears, eyes and nose you ever did see! 

Don’t Forget the Rain Coat

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The denim jacket is all well and good, but not the most suitable when the heavens open. A raincoat is truly an essential that you can’t do without. Your little one doesn’t want the rain to stop their fun, so pick a jacket that’s completely waterproof if you can find one. Many jackets are waterproof, but you might need to shop off the main high street for a coat that’s 100% waterproof.

There are a few styles to consider, such as the throw over, which is perfect for autumn. The throw over waterproof jacket can be placed on top of the outfit with ease. This style allows for comfortable movement even if the outfit includes a denim or bomber jacket. Another benefit is the lack of zips and buttons, perfect for when you’re caught in a rain storm while you’re out and about.

Ready for Anything This Autumn

Your little ones will be ready for anything with these 6 autumn essentials. Remember to pick out children’s clothing in florals, bold patterns and a splash of denim to keep up with the current trends. Complete each outfit with a gorgeous hat and enjoy all the fun that autumn has to offer.

If you have any questions or simply want a nice chat, don’t hesitate to contact the My Little Duckling team, we’re here to help!


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