It’s time to revamp the wardrobe, pack away the summer clothes and start dressing for fresher weather. The mornings are already feeling crisp and the forecasters are predicting a harsh winter ahead for 2018. Autumn is the time of year to really go out there and enjoy the world around us. There are leaves to be kicked, conkers to be picked off the floor and so many adventures, but sandals, summer dresses and shorts aren’t going to cut it. So, what is in fashion for Autumn 2018? Here are a few essentials to look out for when shopping for baby clothing.

Plenty of Bright Colours

Classic’s such as tans, browns and burgundies are always found in this season’s trends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go bold when it comes to colour. One huge trend this autumn is brightly coloured tights, an easy and perfect addition for baby clothing picks. Go as bright and bold as you can, gorgeous reds, sprightly yellows and sumptuous oranges are a must.

Pair the bright tights with plain or patterned skirts, shorts or rompers. Cosy jackets and a choice of soft and warm baby hats will complete the look perfectly.

Mixing Prints Together

Don’t be afraid to mix prints, even choosing items that would be considered a clash are likely to go down a storm this autumn. Pick one of our cute baby hats with a ladybird design and pair it with a paisley shirt and jeans or a bold floral dress with bright tights and boots. It’s time to have some fun and be courageous.

If you love the idea of mixing prints but feel nervous why not put the choice in the hand of your little one? Get their help picking out pieces for the day’s outfits, you can achieve some amazing and fun looks! Mixing prints has been seen across multiple catwalks and this is a fun trend that the kids are going to love.

Plenty of Plaid

Plaid featured in the autumn collections from Michael Kors and Dior and it’s a trend that will be seen on the high street, from baby clothing collections to teens and adults too. Plaid is traditionally quite bland, but this year expect to see plenty of bright and attractive colours. Pick out some plaid pieces in Clueless yellow, pinks and orange.

Plaid works great in so many pieces of clothing, from pea coats to skirts and shirts. Have some fun with plaid and match with plain colours to help the plaid get all the attention. Baby hats can work beautifully with plaid, pick out the pilot hat for a fun look.

Sparkle Brightly

Glitter and shine are expected to be a big hit, perfect for special occasions, parties or simply to add some extra sparkle to an everyday look. When shopping for sparkle in baby clothes try to focus on clothing, seeing as not many babies really need a bag! Glittery baby shoes are also a fun way to work this trend into your wardrobe this season.

Get Your Hat On

Baby hats are perfect for this season, they look great, can help bring looks together but they also serve a very important function. Baby hats help to keep baby happy, comfortable and warm. Autumn can be a difficult transition time, with plenty of bugs raising their heads when the kids go back to school.

Dressing for the weather helps the transition run a whole lot smoother, so don’t forget to update your baby hats to ensure they fit perfectly and are suitable for all types of weather, from warm to cold. There’s one thing to say for British autumn, it’s certainly changeable and your wardrobes need to be too.

Pick up a few children hats sets and look out for ones with matching mittens and bibs to carry you through the next few months. Use the hats in all the trends and don’t be afraid to use them to make a statement.

Eighties Fashion isn’t Out of Style

Shoulder pads and Gucci prom dresses are obviously not going to translate to kids’ fashion, but there are still design elements from the eighties that will show up on the high street. A great way for kids to embrace this trend is with acid wash denim pieces and bright colourful tops, t-shirts and jumpers.

One thing to take away from the kids clothing trends this season is fun. Be bold, be confident and don’t be afraid to try combining items that might not traditionally go together. See which items your baby is drawn to, shop for comfort and practicality and pick one or two statement pieces that will see your child through to winter. At all times include your littles ones in the process and ensure they are both physically and visually comfortable with what they are wearing.


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