If you’re heading out with your little one in this scorching heat, it can be tempting to pack everything, including the kitchen sink. What if they’re bored? What if they’re hungry? What about drinks? Well, that’s all great, but do think of yourself as well. Are you really going to enjoy your day out if you’re lugging an entire toy cupboard and several litres of water?

One of the first rules of enjoying the summer sun is to pack smart. That doesn’t mean you have to go without any of your essentials, but it does mean thinking ahead to make the most from your day.

Here are our top tips for these sunny summer days, and all the things that will make your day amazing.

Slim down your sun cream 

Yes, you need to bring sun protection, and if it’s for the kids, a high factor is a must. However, are you really going to get through that 200ml bottle in one day? Instead of paying over the odds to buy a mini size sun cream for your days out, invest in a small, refillable pump action bottle that you can top up whenever you’re going out. Little 30ml bottles are ideal for this and will save you valuable space and weight in your bag.

Bring small, refillable water bottles

Many of the larger cities in the UK are now participating in the refill scheme, where you can find various cafes, pubs and other premises willing to fill your bottle for free. Choose either a metal bottle or one that is BPA free to avoid chemical nasties entering yours or your baby’s bottle.

A good sun hat is a must

Investing in a sturdy sun hat is an absolute necessity in this sunny weather. The ideal baby hats will have good coverage all over the head, including a flap at the baby to protect the neck from sunburn. For added protection, our baby and newborn hats feature protection for the ears as well as a little brim to shade the eyes from the sun. They are lightweight, breathable and the perfect protection for your little bundle of joy!

Spare clothes and Ziploc bags are your friend

You’re going to need spare clothes, trust us on this! If there’s ever a terrible moment for baby to have an accident, you can guarantee they’ll go ahead and do it! To save space in your bag, roll rather than fold some lightweight clothes and pop them in a Ziploc bag. When you’ve changed your baby, you can simply place any soiled clothes back into the bag, keeping your bag clean and smells locked away.

Create a change kit

If you haven’t got the cash for a purpose made baby change kit, don’t despair. Actually, most change kits take up way more space than they really need to, so why not create something that’s just for you? An A4 plastic zippy wallet makes the perfect receptacle to keep all your changing gear in, and doubles as a handy changing mat for on the go changes. Think about how many nappies you’re going to get through and pack what you’ll need plus a couple of spares just in case!

Pack a snack

If your baby is eating solids, by all means, pack a snack to keep the tummy rumbles at bay. Stick to something that’s not going to spoil in the heat, and which won’t result in an icky sticky baby to clean up. Unless you’re actually going for a picnic, avoid packing too much food, as it will only become ruined in the heat if it doesn’t get eaten out.

Once you’re all packed and ready to go, there’s one more tip we have to offer for your day out with your baby: have fun! Try not to worry about what you’ve forgotten, there are always shops where you can buy anything you missed out. You and your baby will have a blast together, so relax, enjoy and don’t stay too long in the sun.



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