Boys Hats

Here at My Little Duckling we are the go-to brand for my 1st years hats and matching accessories. We have a range of baby hats including boys hats, girls hats and newborn hats.


Spring & Summer

Boys hats are an essential part of every little boy’s wardrobe. In the spring and summer times, boys sun hats and boys caps are necessary to keep those little heads covered to make sure your baby doesn’t get sunburnt. We recommend that you use a high factor sun cream, especially on any exposed parts of your baby’s body. Sunburn during childhood can lead to skin cancer later in life – keep babies out of the sun.

Looking for boys summer hats can be a challenge because many hats on the high street look the same and are not well fitted. That’s why we made it our mission to become the go to brand for well made newborn hats and baby hats. Our customers return to us year on year because the hats they purchase here not only look cute and unique, they are also designed in such a way that encourages your child to wear them.

Autumn & Winter

In the colder autumn and winter days, boys winter hats and bobble hats keep them warm and comfortable. Many of our baby boy hats come with extended scarf under the chin to ensure that your baby’s neck can also be kept warm and covered. This is particularly useful when walking in the windy weather.

Looking for winter hats for boys can be challenging as many kids winter hats look the same on the high street. That is why here at My Little Duckling we specialise in making unique baby hats which look absolutely adorable on and they are fun and appealing to babies and toddlers, so they are encouraged to wear them. Many of our customers say that their kids often sleep with our hats and treat them like comforters.


Our free personalisation service allows you to create personalised baby hats even if you don’t know their name or sex. You can choose personalised embroidery such as born in 2019 or my 1st year.

Our personalisation service is affordable but unique and it allows you to turn a baby hat into a special keepsake. We receive many enquiries from our customers online wishing to personalise their newborn and baby gifts. Many customers tell us they are thrilled that they have found unique personalised baby hats and unique personalised gifts on our site.

Our designs come to life in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and are later produced in Europe with the highest care and attention to detail. We are sure you will find the perfect, most adorable boys hats here. All our unsual baby gifts are made with lots of love and care using the highest materials and come with a free gift box, too.

Our unique aviator hat

When our baby boy was little, he loved playing with aeroplanes. It was our son’s fascination with aviation and aeroplanes that inspired us to develop a pilot hat for babies and toddlers. Today our aviator hats and pilot hats are our most loved collections. Our baby aviator hats and baby pilot hats are loved by children across the globe and they are often kept as keepsakes after the babies outgrow them. We encourage you to explore it here.

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