Expecting a little one but no idea what name to choose? Or perhaps a close friend or relative is pregnant and facing a similar issue. Selecting the perfect baby name for newborn babies can be challenging with so many different names to choose from – how do you know which one to go with?

Baby Names

We’ve gathered together some of the most popular baby names of 2018 to help you decide…

#1. Olivia

Olivia is the most popular girl’s name of 2018! The feminine form of Oliver, Olivia means ‘olive tree’ or ‘olive branch’. Perhaps the most famous use of the name was in William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’. Name your baby Olivia and they’ll be in the company of famous actresses Olivia Newton John and Olivia Wilde.

#2. Harry

It’s little wonder this boys name has seen a surge in popularity in 2018 following the Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. Harry is a popular English name meaning ‘protector of the home’. Famous Harrys include Prince Harry (of course) and actor Harry Connick Jr.

#3. Megan/Meghan

Another of this year’s most popular girls names, new Mums up and down the country have been busy naming their babies Megan/Meghan after the Royal wedding. Meghan actually has Welsh origins, as it’s a pet form of Margaret, which comes from the Hebrew word ‘margaron’ meaning ‘pearl’.

#4. Jack

Meaning ‘God is gracious’, Jack was used as a general term for ‘man’ or ‘boy’ during the Middle Ages as it was such a common name. In fact, it’s been the most popular boys name in the UK for over a decade! Famous Jacks include actor Jack Lemmon, Jack Kerouac and jazz musician Jack Parvis.

#5. Emily

This classic girls’ name comes from the Latin name Aemilia (of Roman origins) meaning ‘striving’, ‘industrious’ or ‘eager’. Your little one will be in the company of well-known Emilys such as actress Emily Blunt and writer Emily Bronte.

#6. Ethan

Name your baby Ethan and you’ll be giving them one of the most popular boys names of 2018. Ethan is of Hebrew origin and means ‘firm’, ‘strong’ and ‘long-lived’. Just ask Ethan Hawke or Ethan Coen!

#7. Amelia

Originating from the Germanic word ‘Amal’, which means ‘work’ and ‘industriousness’, Amelias may often find their name shortened to Millie, Amy or even Mel. Amelia has been a popular name for some time, as proven by the famous aviator Amelia Earhart, the first aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic, and actress Amelia Warner.

#8. Noah

The boys name Noah has seen a rise in popularity this decade, now becoming the fifth most popular boys name of 2018. Noah is a Hebrew name which in the Bible means ‘rest’ or ‘repose’.

#9. Isla

This Scottish name is thought to come from the Scottish island of Islay in the Hebrides and means ‘island’. Funnily enough, it’s also the Spanish word for island and has become one of the most popular girls’ names for newborn babies in 2018.

#10. Theo

A name which has always remained popular amongst the middle and upper classes, Theo is gradually becoming one of the most popular baby names of the last decade. This name has Greek origins and means ‘God’s gift’ or ‘brave’. Theos in the celebrity circuit have included actor Theo James and former American President Theodore Roosevelt.

#11. Grace

Although Grace was once considered a traditional name, it’s seeing a comeback for the 21st century. From the Latin ‘gratia’ meaning ‘God’s favour’, the name is also associated with the word ‘grace’ meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘joy’. Famous Graces include the beautiful actress, Grace Kelly.

#12. George

From the Greek name ‘Georgos’ meaning ‘farmer’, it’s easy to see why George has become such a popular boys name. The most famous George is undoubtedly St George, Patron Saint of England, who fought a fire-breathing dragon. But don’t forget George, son of Prince William and Princess Kate of the British Royal Family!

#13. Evie

From the name ‘Eve’, Evie is a Hebrew name which means ‘life’ or ‘lively’. Although you won’t find many Evies around the name has become more popular in recent years, with Eva also being a popular form.

#14. Logan

Our final baby name is one of the top names for boys this year. You might think it’s a little unusual (isn’t that the point?) but Logan has seen a surge in popularity in 2018. With its roots in Celtic language, the name means ‘little hollow’ and was once a Scots family name. The best-known Logan is probably the character Wolverine from X-Men, played by Hugh Jackman.

Once you’ve got your baby name chosen, the next thing to think about is making sure everything is ready for the arrival of that special little person! Preparing the nursery with baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths and newborn hats will ensure they’ll be comfortable and cosy on their first day in the big wide world. Why not browse our selection of clothes and accessories for newborn babies to find the perfect additions to your little one’s nursery?


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