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At My Little Duckling we think that Love at first sight has a completely different dimension after you’ve had a baby. It is the strongest possible love one can describe and the most beautiful of feelings. The bond that you develop between parent and baby is one of the strongest connections you can have with anybody. Romance between you and your partner come and go, but once you’ve bonded with your baby – that’s it – you’re in for ever and ever.

The love that you feel for your child is a basic part of your make-up as a human. Whether you’re a mother or a father, a step-parent or an adoptive parent, you’re bound to form strong relationships with your baby. Moreover, your baby, too, is equally ready to connect with you.

Today, many child development experts have uncovered fascinating details about the connections between us parents and our beautiful children. Their findings help us explain why babies are so addictive and why we deeply love them when they get older, the many tantrums and arguments and so on. Your connection with your child will change over the years, but its strength will never fade.

Also, don’t be surprised if you find yourself loving your baby so much before you even meet. I was definitely hit by a huge mix of emotions when I was pregnant and the anticipation of becoming a mother was almost overwhelming for me and I think that these feelings helped me set the stage for my relationship with my little boy.

If you’re a pregnant mummy,  those powerful hormones lay the very ground work for your connection with your newborn baby. These kick in initially during pregnancy and  grow stronger  and stronger as the weeks go by.

I remember so well when I became a mummy to my little boy. I was completely overwhelmed with love. It is this love that led me to start my own baby hats business and design cute and unique gifts for small babies. I new I couldn’t possibly go back to my full time job in the city and my family would be compromised.

With that thought I introduced the first collection of baby pilot hats which sold our quickly and became a great success. And the story goes on. My Little Duckling is growing from strength to strength and we are bringing new collections of beautiful boy hats, girls hats and newborn hats to happy customers across the globe.

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